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Server Description

Post by The Stranger on Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:33 pm

StrangerIsland | US Hosted | 2x Taming | Hardmode

This is a new server that's trying to grow its numbers! There aren't any huge tribes to deter new players from joining and establishing themselves.

Server IP:


* 50 slot server
* Server Runs 24/7
* Admins Keep Up On Updates
* Automatic Saves Every 15 Minutes
* Lag Free
* 2x Taming Speeds
* PvPvE
* PvP and PvE Events Planned
* No Admin Abuse
* Highly Active Admins (Constantly trying to improve the server)
* Max Wild Dino Level 140
* Mod: Aku Shima
* Mod: Laser Fences
* Mod: Boss Dinos
* Mod: Small Dragons
* Mod: Research and Development
* Mod: Dino Detector
* Mod: Additional Armor Sets
* Mod: Elemental Swords
* Future Mod: CCTV (Cameras that show a live feed when connected to a monitor ingame)
   For more mod details go here

Events/Big Features

* A Neutral Trade Hub Based On What Players Trade
* Gladiator like Arena Battles (PvP, PvE)
* Boss battles
   For more event details go here.


* No hacking, cheating, exploiting, or otherwise gaining an unfair advantage over other players and tribes through similar means.
* No griefing/racism/persecution. (We operate a ZERO tolerance for bullying of any kind from any source on this server be it admin or players)
   For more rule details go here.
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