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Installed Mods

Post by The Stranger on Tue Oct 06, 2015 12:51 pm

The following mods are currently installed in the server and are in working order, each mod has a link to the mod page if you wish to read further details:

Aku Shima
The mod adds several balanced structures and crafting stations for an expanded gaming experience.

Boss Dinos
This mod adds several powerful dinos to the game, they consist of two tiers Large and King/Queen. These dinos are rarer than their vanilla counterparts but proportionally stronger. The large variants are tamable while the King/Queen are akin to the games alpha dinos, providing good xp and loot but not tamable.

Small Dragons
My personal favorite, this mod adds small tamable dragons to the game. When I say small I mean this relatively speaking as they are approximately the same size as a rex. The mod is well balanced and adds an end game element not seen in the current state of the game. It will probably be the toughest tame you do. The Dragons are extremely rare spawns so you will not see them all over the place. They only spawn on carno island and near the mountains, but rarely.

Dino Detector
Works as a new, high tech version of the spyglass, allowing you to see and inspect dinos from a distance.

Additional Armor Sets
Just like the description implies this mod adds additional armors to the game not only for the player but for the player's tames also.
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